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4 Things to Know When Transitioning to a Standing Desk

There is a lot of misinformation traveling around offices about those oh-so-popular height-adjustable workstations that have everyone standing at work. Some are very “pro-standing” while others have you sitting right back in your chair. What is the truth? Is it true that you can never wear a nice pair of heels to the job again […]

Your Spine and Posture for Different Situations

Good posture is the best way to avoid stiffness, pain and injury, as well as to promote effective circulation and breathing. The most central component of good posture is your spine position; most elements of posture are at least partly intended to avoid damaging imbalance and to keep pressure off your spine. But good posture […]

The Connection Between Standing Desks and Student Performance

Recent studies have shown that standing desks in school can improve student health and performance. This does not come as a surprise to medical or psychological professionals, as the benefits of standing while working have long been known, and employees who have switched to standing at work have seen improvements in cognitive function. However, utilizing […]

Standing Desks and Desk/Computer Jobs

You have probably noticed a growing trend among offices in your area. More and more employers are switching to height-adjustable workstations for desk/computer positions. In fact, it is not just the small hometown businesses that have jumped onto this bandwagon—you will find Google, AOL, Twitter, Facebook and GlaxoSmithKline among the largest and most successful companies […]

Three Myths About Standing Desks

Standing desks have become popular recently, and as a result, there is a great deal of conflicting information available. Many of the objections to standing or adjustable desks come from misunderstandings about how they should be used or from assumptions about what using these desks will require. Here are three common myths about standing desks.

Signs You Have Bad Posture

Posture is not just a matter of looking professional: the way you stand and sit can have a serious impact on your health and comfort. Over time, bad posture becomes a bad habit and starts to alter the shape of your body, especially your spine. Here are some signs that you may need to adjust […]

Healthy Habits to Start at Work Today

Keeping a good fitness routine and healthy home lifestyle is great, but all of that hard work is for nothing if you are not also following healthy habits while on the job. Most people spend the majority of their day sedentary. This is often due to the fact that they work at a computer desk […]

How to Successfully Switch to a Standing Desk

Standing at work is becoming very popular. You might even have a few “standers” in your own office. With all of the new information that is released each day about the harmful effects of sedentary activity, more and more people are investing in a height-adjustable workstation for their own workspace. You are certainly curious, and […]

How Millennials Impact the Workplace Environment

The millennial wave is now taking over workplaces across the United States. 40 percent of the American workforce is described as people between the ages of 18 years old and 30. That number is expected to increase to upwards of 75 percent in the coming years. This generation brings some very unique changes to their […]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Those On-the-Go

Mornings can get pretty hectic. From getting yourself ready to rushing any children you might have out the door, caring for pets and all the random road blocks in between, you are lucky to be wearing matching shoes by the time that you make it to the office. One very important part of your morning […]