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The Psychological Benefits of Using a Standing Desk at Work

In recent years, the negative impacts of sitting all day have become unnervingly clear. An even more scary fact is that even daily exercise does not seem to have any counter-effect to prolonged sedentary activity. An hour of exercise during the time before or after work does not do anything to erase the damage that […]

Boosting Productivity: Music and the Standing Desk

The modern day workplace has evolved in recent years to meet the needs of the worker, rather than the worker simply trying to fit into a generalized setting. More than ever before, employers are making ergonomics a top priority. This has brought an increase in the presence of two propellers of increased productivity—music and height-adjustable […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Energy Up at Work

Working at a desk all day can be tiring, and the fatigue that builds up throughout your day cuts into your productivity. Here are five easy ways to maintain or regain your energy over the course of the workday. Refuel and Hydrate Simply put, you cannot have energy without fuel. Make a habit of eating […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Standing Desk

It has become common knowledge that sitting at a desk all day is not the healthiest way to work, but there is less information available on how to best use a standing or height-adjustable desk. Here are three things to remember when making the change to a more ergonomic workstation.

Daily Stress Relievers for the Workaholic

f you are a workaholic, the stress in your life could easily be getting out of control. Working a lot and loving your job is not a bad thing, but it is important to have balance and take a few moments each day to relax. Even if you do not feel like you are overwhelmed, […]

Height Adjustable Desks Linked to Better Productivity

Data collected from a small study that was completed in the United States suggests that investing in a height-adjustable desk could lead to less down time in the office. People who have these types of desks naturally spend more time on their feet during the day, decreasing their sedentary activity and leading to some very […]

Reasons to Drink More Water at Work

Most people do not stop and get themselves a drink until they actually feel thirsty. Some even believe that if they do not feel like they need a gulp of water, there is no reason to have some. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, by the time you experience the sensation […]

Why You Should Teach Your Employees About Proper Office Ergonomics

Top companies around the nation are making the integration of proper ergonomics a top priority for their workspaces. This is because good ergonomics are directly associated with benefits such as improved employee health and decreased worker’s compensation, as well as better productivity and the quality of products. The facts cannot be denied—ergonomics has a direct […]

Exercises for People Who Work at a Computer All Day

The English word exercise quite literally means “at work,” but if you are working a desk job throughout the week, you might find yourself at rest more often than not. Recent studies have shown that sitting for most of the day is dangerous to your overall health, even if you are going to the gym […]